oh my god


starts from 1:24 from this video its true and hes trash

LOL why didn’t I kick this dude’s ass when he came into work the other night? :o

Is it bad that the last personal training video I posted was in May this year? I think it is… that has to change.

Soon my friends, soon….

I’ve reached the point where all my exams except for one are done, and I have a week to rest up for it, so I thought I’d let you guys in on some of the details of this feature film I plan on making in a few weeks when myself and some friends go to Nowra for a week.

In Australia we have this massive tradition called “Schoolies” and basically after everyone finishes school they go away to various areas of the country to celebrate. (There are official events but everyone just goes there to get cooked and have sex a lot so we’re doing our own thing).

This film will follow the friendships we’ve made throughout our schooling journey. There’s guys I know from Primary school that I’m still great mates with, a couple of dropouts and of course the ones who made it all the way through year 12.

The film will intertwine adventures that happen on the trip with the stories behind them, as well as each person’s passion in life and how this brings together the group as a friendship unit.

As far as the soundtrack goes, I’m using pieces that we all enjoy listening to and that are tailored to our personalities and passions.

If you guys would like to know anything else about this, drop me an ask and I’ll try to answer it for you! I’m so pumped for this and it’s going to easily be one of the most amazing weeks of my life! :)